rope guide

When you need rope, it pays to make sure that you are getting the right rope for the job. Here is a handy chart to make sure that you get the rope that will work for the job, and the conditions that you find yourself in.
Rope Selection Chart
Rating Scale: 1(strongest/best) – 4 (weakest/poorest)
Wet vs Dry Strength85%100%100%115%
Shock Load Abilitystrong/weak1223
Elongation at break20-34%15-20%15-20%10-15%
Water Absorbptionmost/least2231
Melting Point480 F500 F330 F350 F (chars)
Abrasion Resistancemost/least2134
Resistance to Sunlightmost/least2134
Resistance to Rotmost/least1112
Resistance to Acidmost/least2113
Resistance to Alkalismost/least1213
Resistance to oil/gasmost/least1112
Electrical resistancemost/least2112
Flexing endurancemost/least1234
Specific Gravity1.
Storage Requirements wet or drywet or drywet or drydry