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  • Always love going and walking around. Has plenty to look at no matter what your looking for. Amazing lawnmower parts. Will always shop here

  • It is a great big man cave I love it more every time I see it or go in I can spend the rest of my life in there lol it's a really really great place the people who work there are the best they try to break their backs to help you out in any way they can I LOVE IT THERE!!!!!

  • This place is an *experience*. Owned by Glen Arms, Glen's Surplus, also known as the Shelby Mall, is THE destination for everything from small engines and components, to rubber wheels, to grease mats, to tools, to home hardware, to Americana, to hunting supplies, to tires, decorating closeouts, to carpet and tile remnants, to outdoor gear, to military surplus, to survival gear, and I am SURE I am missing stuff! It's very affordable too! We come here, and we ALWAYS leave with a *lot* more than we intended to buy, but we *seldom* leave here spending more than we intended to spend. By the way, I work with computers. Some of my most cherished tool kits are kits I purchased here. I'd be lost without them, and I have had them going on fifteen years. For our handicapped friends, this store can be a challenge. Because of the nature of the products it carries and the way it's packed, aisles can be difficult sometimes for an abled person to navigate. I am *certain*, however, that someone will assist you. This is a big store, but it's in a small town, filled with nice people. It's an absolute gem! 🙂

  • I was at Glen's Surplus on December 15th to check out the military section. I was able to buy a couple patches for my Air Force collection. I also bought some P-38's to give to guys at Christmas time. This is a great place to browse and check out the whole store. Be prepared to spend a lot of time there! Check out some of the pictures!