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Rain Bird Whirling Waters RO-50 Adjustable Circle Sprinkler #RO-50


Out of stock


Part # RO-50
Adjustable Circle Sprinkler 

  • Brand: Rain Bird 
  • Style: Whirling Waters 

The Rain Bird Whirling Waters Adjustable Circle Sprinkler is an above ground, connected to hose Sprinkler that efficiently waters lawns, seeds, and ground cover. 

  • Feautring a distance control dial, you are able to precisely adjust the circle pattern from as small as 5 feet, to the maximum of 50 feet, all from the top of the sprinkler head 
  • The Center Spray Nozzles evenly distribute water to areas close to the base of the sprinkler
  • The rotating double arms adjust from high to law angle to minimize the effects of wind drink on the spray from the sprinkler. 
  • Retractable turf spikes add stability to the unit, helping to prevent tipping. 

These Sprinkler units are new, old stock. purchased in a surplus buyout. 


Additional information

Weight 1.15 lbs

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