Our new Streamlined Checkout Process!

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Effective today, you will no longer be required to register for, or log in to, an account to shop Glen’s Online! Since it’s inception, Glen’s Surplus’ online presence has been about making sure that we take care of our customers in the best way that we can. For a long time, we felt that the best way to take care of our customers was to create a “bond” with our customers, and allow them to build a history of orders with us that would be searchable. But, times have changed, and not everyone wants that same experience when shopping online.

So, we have kept the functionality of the account. If you want to login, and use your Glen’s Surplus Account, fantastic! But, if you just want to click and buy, that’s fine too.

Please understand, that some of the options that we have for shopping on our site may require an account. Most notably, the use of a military discount, will still require an account.