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Welcome To the News

Table of Contents

Welcome to the All new News section here on You might remember our old news section, and we will be keeping that running while we migrate over to this. I will answer some questions that I know will get asked.

1.) Why change from the old news format to this?

Glen’s Surplus is doing everything we can to be more up to date. Part of this, means that we can now use this blogging software for our news. It gives us the same functionality of our old news section, it is dynamic (which means we don’t have to create a new page every time), and we can post remotely, from anywhere. That is the big part.

Another part, is that we can include you, the patron of Glen’s Surplus in the news. Have something you want to say about our news? You can comment.

2.) Will the new content keep my information safe?

Yes. I (Chad, the site admin) spent a good amount of time looking over the options that we had in taking our news to a more dynamic style. This software is far more secure than any of the other options.

3.) Will I receive anything for being a part of the discussion?

You might receive an e-mail from us. If you don’t want to receive those emails, you can shoot us off a reply that you don’t want to receive emails, and that is that. We will remove you from our lists, and you can still be a part of the discussion.

4.) What is the difference between this and the forums?

The forums are for you. We provide them, and hope that people will use them for discussions on plenty of topics. Our plan in the very near future is to make the forums a larger part of the website, and integrate them more. But the news, This is our way of bringing you the information we want you to know.

5.) Who will be updating this?

I have a feeling that it will be Chad and Jennifer doing the bulk of the news, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that some of our other employees find there way into this, and keep you updated on things as well.

So, now that we have that out of the way, lets talk some shop.

If you haven’t been by the store in a while, man are you missing out! In the past year, we have opened an entirely new room for blades, started an auto dealership, and are breaking ground on the new site for that right next door.

Blade Room
Remember when you would come in looking for blades, and the aisles were full of people, and it just seemed like the space was far too small? Well, Fear not! To the right (if you are looking at it) of the service counter, is a fantastically large room that now houses all of our Decks, Blades, and various other mower pieces. This room is massive. It is EASILY double the space of what we had before.

Auto Dealership
That probably isn’t the best way to describe it. Over the summer Glen created JBJ Trucks and Stuff. This is where you will be purchasing items that require a Title. This include Military Trucks, Trailers, Semis, Dump Trucks, Tow Trucks and whatever else we find. These aren’t normal Civilian cars. These are tried and true Military Surplus.

Over the year, we have been adding new products, new features, and refining the design of the site. We have made the front page far more user friendly, we have improved the search capabilities of the site, and are working to constantly make it better.

I think that covers everything so far, if you have questions, feel free to leave a comment, or contact us via E-mail.

Take Care,

Chad Crider.