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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

General Website Questions

  1. Why do I have to register for an account? Answer: We ask that you register for an account so that we can better track your order from start to finish. By registering for an account it allows us to save your previous order history, and associate it with you by name, and contact information.
  2. Do you sell the information that you collect? Answer: NEVER. We have a very stringent Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use.

Shipping Questions

  1. What Shipping options do you offer? Answer: We currently offer USPS, and UPS for general shipping, and we use multiple LTL services to get you the best price.
    • USPS First Class Mail : For orders that weigh less than 16 ounces, we can ship your order First Class Mail. This option will always be the cheapest option we have for orders that qualify for the shipping service, but it does have drawbacks. It is also the slowest option. Additionally, the United States Post Office, is not required to scan the package in and out at each stop along it’s way, meaning that the tracking information associated with the package could be incomplete during your package’s travels.
    • USPS Parcel Post: This shipping service a slower package shipping service for orders over 1 pounds. It is generally the cheapest shipping option for an order that qualifies for this service. It suffers from the same short comings as First Class Mail currently.
    • USPS Priority Mail: We prefer to ship your order Priority Mail whenever possible. We carry a wide array of Priority Mail Boxes, and our status with the Post Office allows us to insure your purchased up to $100 at no additional cost to you, and insurance costs above that, are at a reduced price. Tracking is superb, and transit times are quick, and efficient.
    • USPS Express Mail: If you need to have your package shipped faster, we can do that as well. We generally prefer to speak with you about this option, because Express Mail is not guaranteed next day service to all parts of the country.
    • UPS Ground: This is the standard Ground shipping through UPS, carries $100 of insurance included, and is generally the cheapest shipping option for packages weighing more than 1 pound, and being shipped to a business address.
    • UPS 3 Day Select: 3 Day shipping anywhere in the United States. This carries the same insurance as ground, but due to the expedited nature of the shipping, is an increase in cost. This shipping option is generally unnecessary for orders that are being shipped to the following states:
      1. Ohio
      2. Michigan
      3. Pennsylvania
      4. Indiana
      5. Kentucky
      6. West Virginia
    • UPS 2nd Day Air: This option will guarantee delivery of your item 2 days after shipping. It carries $100 of insurance included, and a cost increase above that of Ground, and 3 Day Select. In general, it is not a substantial delivery time increase for the states mentioned with 3 Day Select. If you are contemplating 2nd Day Air, and live in one of those states, feel free to contact us, and we can check if it is needed or not.
    • UPS Next Day Air AM / PM: We actually have two separate UPS Next Day Services. One, is Next Day AM (in your possession by 10am), or PM, which is by the end of the business day. These services are expensive.
    • UPS Freight: This is currently our default freight shipping option. It offers fantastic delivery times, and an online trackable PRO system for your skid(s).
    • Roadrunner: This is a new carrier that we are working with. They offer competitive pricing, for those LTL shipments that are not on a strict deadline.
  2. Why can’t I have that item shipped to me? Answer: Unfortunately, not all of our items can be shipped to all locations.
    • Within the United States, laws regulating ownership of some of our items classified as weapons, vary widely by state of residence. If you order an item that can’t be shipped to you, we will notify you, and make sure that you are refunded.
    • With shipping items out of the country, some of our items are Military Surplus, which carries it’s own laws regarding the export of items marked as such. In the event that you order an item that we are unable to ship to your country, we will contact you via email to let you know, and make sure that you are refunded for the purchase.

Questions about Merchandise

  1. What does “Surplus” mean? Answer: Surplus means that it was purchased at auction, or as part of a buyout / closeout from a company, or the United States Government. Surplus items can be new or used, and we try to ensure that we accurately describe an item’s condition as either “New Surplus”, or “Used Surplus”. New Surplus, would mean that the item was purchased as surplus at auction, or in a bulk buyout, and is still in new condition. Used surplus, as the name suggest means that there is obvious signs of use to the item.
  2. What does “Seconds” mean? Answer: This means that there could be a slight flaw on the item, or that it is gently used. Glen’s Surplus will not sell you poor quality items, we inspect our seconds to make sure that you are getting the quality that you should expect.