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Buying Tires

Table of Contents

When you are looking to purchase tires for Lawnmowers, ATV’s, Lawn Carts, Trailers, etc… it can quickly get complicated. We want to make sure you get the right tire, with the right rim (if needed) the first time.

Check the Tire Size

Sidewall location of Tire Size
Location of Tire Size on Side Wall of Tire

As noted in the picture, your tire will list the size of the tire right on the sidewall. It is important to understand that the orders of the numbers are important. The first number is the overall height of the tire. The second number is the overall width of the tire. The final number is the Rim Size of the Tire. So, a tire size that is: 13×5.00-6 is:

  • 13″ Tall
  • 5″ Wide
  • Fits on a 6″ Rim


Check the Ply Rating

The Ply Rating of the tire is the number of layers in the bias process of creating the tire. Generally, this means that the higher the number (starting at 2 and increasing) the greater the load capacity for the tire will be. The Ply Rating for your tire will be located on the sidewall, generally in smaller print than the tire size.