Buying Tires

  When you are looking to purchase tires for Lawnmowers, ATV’s, Lawn Carts, Trailers, etc… it can quickly get complicated. We want to make sure you get the right tire, with the right rim (if needed) the first time. Check the Tire Size As noted in the picture, your tire will list the size of […]

Rope Guide

  When you need rope, it pays to make sure that you are getting the right rope for the job. Here is a handy chart to make sure that you get the rope that will work for the job, and the conditions that you find yourself in.   Rope Selection Chart   Rating Scale: 1(strongest/best) […]

Wallpaper Guide

  Nothing is more frustrating than starting a project, and finding out that you didn’t get enough materials to complete the project.   When it comes to wallpapering a room, this can lead to even more frustrations, as you may find that the style / print of wallpaper that you decided on is now out […]

Understanding MTD Star Center Holes

If you own an MTD, Troy Bilt, White Outdoors, Cub Cadet, or even a newer Craftman lawnmower, there is a really good chance that your lawnmower blade(s) that came on it have an odd looking Star Center Hole. The push mower blade looks like it has a “bow tie”, and the riding mower blades have […]

Measuring your lawnmower blade

  Getting the length of your blade When you are replacing your lawnmower blade, the simple, and easiest solution, is to replace the blade based on the part number in your owner’s manual. But, what about when you don’t have the owner’s manual? Well, then you need to measure your lawnmower blade. And it’s really […]