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Maintaining Your Snow Blower: Your Guide to Parts and Repairs

Table of Contents

Hey there, friends! We’ve all been there: the first snow falls, and as you’re gearing up to clear your driveway, your trusty snow blower decides to take a vacation. Annoying, right? Well, don’t worry. We’ve got your back with this relatable guide to snow blower parts, their maintenance, and how to hunt down the best deals on replacements.

The Secret to Keeping Your Snow Blower Fighting

If you’re anything like me, your snow blower is your faithful winter buddy, always ready to wage war on those impromptu snow drifts. But just like any handy machine, it needs care and attention to keep it in fighting shape. And I’m not just talking about giving it a pat on the hood and hoping for the best. No, sir! I’m talking about good old TLC to ensure it’s ready to rumble at the drop of a snowflake.

Now, these machines are made up of bits and bobs like belts, cables, and shear pins, like our bodies’ veins, arteries, and joints. And just as we need to look after ourselves, these parts deserve the same care. Hey, sometimes they need a break and have to be swapped out. And that’s okay! It gives you a chance to flex those handyman muscles a bit. Remember, friends, taking care of these nitty-gritty details saves us from standing knee-deep in the snow with a busted snow blower, and believe me, that’s no way to spend your winter!

Common Snow Blower Parts

Alright, let’s dive into the nuts and bolts (literally) of your snow blower. Like everyone has a role in the neighborhood – the mail carrier, the handyman, the dog walker – every part of the blower has its job.

  1. Consider Augers as your snow blower’s ‘scoop and shoot’ crew. Their job is to bite into the snow and toss it out of the chute. Without them, you’d be shoveling that snow by hand!
  2. Belts: These are the real workhorses, just like the belts in your car engine. They transfer power from the engine to various parts of the blower so it runs like a well-oiled machine.
  3. Cables: These guys are the messengers, ensuring your commands reach the blower. Without them, it’d be like yelling into a void.
  4. Shear Pins: Little unsung heroes, that’s what they are. They’re designed to break if your auger hits something hard, like ice or a forgotten toy, to prevent more costly damage to your blower.
  5. Shave Plates, Skid Shoes, Friction Wheels: No, we’re not talking about a new hipster band. These parts help with the mobility and functionality of your blower. Shave plates scrape the snow off the ground; skid shoes let your blower glide smoothly, and friction wheels transfer power from the engine to the wheels to propel your machine.

Knowing these parts is like knowing who does what in your town. It keeps things running smoothly and helps you understand what to look for if things seem slightly off. That way, your trusty snow blower will be ready to tackle whatever winter throws.

OEM vs Aftermarket Parts: Choose Your Fighter

So there you are, deciding between OEM or aftermarket parts for your snow blower. OEM parts are your safe bet, promising compatibility and often coming with warranties. However, aftermarket parts can be just as reliable and cheaper. Do your research before making a decision.

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are like mom’s pie, the real deal made by the same folks who created your snow blower. Going this route guarantees a perfect fit and usually means a warranty to boot. But, as we all know, quality can come with a slightly higher price tag.
  • Aftermarket parts: These are your store-bought pie equivalents: not THE original, but they can still hit the spot. Aftermarket parts might save you a few bucks and can be just as reliable. But do your due diligence because not all aftermarket brands are created equal.

You might’ve noticed some popular snow blower parts brands floating around. Here are a few of the top players in the game:

  • Toro
  • MTD
  • Ariens
  • Husqvarna

These names are known for quality, but like any good neighbor would tell you, make sure their parts fit your machine before pulling the trigger. Remember, it’s all about finding the best fit for you and your winter warrior!

Preventative Maintenance and Tips

You know what they say, friend – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking care of your trusty snow blower is like keeping your car in shape: regular check-ups and maintenance go a long way. It’s all about ensuring your snow-clearing buddy is ready for action when that first snowfall appears.

So, what’s on your winter prep to-do list? Here’s a handy little rundown to make sure everything’s hunky-dory with your snow blower:

  • Fuel and oil check: Fresh fuel with a good stabilizer and a nice oil change can help the engine purr like our neighbor’s cat when it’s not chasing squirrels.
  • Inspect the belts: We talked about them earlier, and I tell you, they’re crucial. Give them a once-over to ensure they’re not loose, cracked, or damaged. Replace them if needed.
  • Remember those shear pins: Snap, crackle, and pop are better in a breakfast cereal than on your snow blower. Keep an eye on shear pins and avoid any unwelcome surprises.
  • Lubricate and adjust: Everybody loves a smooth operator, so lube those gears, cables, and any moving parts, and give those bolts a nice tightening.
  • Spark plug: A happy engine means a happy life. Check the condition of your spark plug and swap it out if it’s seen better days.

Doing all this before winter sneaks up on us sure beats fumbling around with frozen fingers mid-blizzard. So grab that maintenance checklist, roll up your sleeves, and give your snow blower the TLC it deserves. Here’s to smooth sailing and clear driveways, my friend!

Your Snow Blower Care Guide from Glen’s Surplus

I hope you found this guide handy. Remember – the healthier your snow blower, the easier it’ll make your winter. So don’t be a stranger; swing by Glen’s Surplus for all your snow blower parts and advice. Until then, happy shoveling, neighbors!