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Mower Blades 101: How to Choose, Maintain, and Safely Change Your Mower Blades

Table of Contents

From Unruly Jungles to Lawn Perfection: An Ode to the Power of Mower Blades

Hey there, DIY friends! We’ve all had those days, haven’t we? The ones where you look out your window, and instead of a neat and tidy patch of heaven, you see a wild, unruly jungle. You see those blades of grass dancing carefreely in the wind, having grown a little too fond of their freedom. They look more at home in a wild prairie scene than in your well-manicured yard. And you think to yourself, “Now’s the time to tame this wilderness. It’s time to tackle this beast!”

And what’s your secret weapon in this battle? That’s right, your trusty lawnmower. Humming ready for action in your shed or garage, it’s practically a cavalry horse waiting for its moment of glory. But, let’s not forget – at the heart of your mower, the true heroes of the day, are its blades. Those shining warriors of metal, keen to do their work, ready to slice and dice and bring order back to your green kingdom. They’re the ones that turn a rogues’ gallery of grass into the groomed elegance of a lawn fit for lazy days and proud garden parties. So, it’s fair to say your mower blades are your key allies in this home-steading adventure.

Choosing the Right Mower Blades

Picking out perfect mower blades can feel trickier than following a cookie recipe your grandma scribbled down in her handwriting. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! It might seem daunting at first, but once you know what you’re dealing with, it all falls into place. Plus, we’re right here by your side, ready to help you make sense of things. Just like with grandma’s recipe, the first step is to understand the main ingredients. In the world of mowing, these are your lifting blades and mulching blades.

If you’re looking for cleaner cuts and better lifting of grass to ensure an even cut, lifting blades are your best choice. They do a fantastic job of lifting the grass up before giving it a trim. It’s like each blade of grass gets a little hair lift before receiving a precise, neat haircut. These blades are your best bet if you’re all about a lawn that looks well-tamed and even.

On the flip side, if you’re more into the idea of your cut grass doing double duty, then mulching blades are your thing. These blades just don’t cut the grass; they dice them into tiny pieces that drop back onto your lawn. When these little grass bits decompose, they enrich your soil with nutrients, kind of like a natural, free fertilizer. So, if you’re big on recycling and keeping things green, mulching blades will be your go-to choice.

Keeping Them Sharp: Maintaining Your Mower Blades

Real talk – just like that old adage about nothing in life being certain but death and taxes, no blade lasts forever, not even the mighty mower blades you get here at Glen’s Surplus. That’s why regular maintenance is a must-do, not a maybe-if-I-have-time kind of job. Ensuring they’re sharp means cleaner cuts, healthier grass, and a nicer-looking lawn.

Now, you might be wondering just how often you should have a blade-sharpening date with your mower. Well, if we’re talking about your average, suburban lawn – the kind without too much drama – sharpening about 2 or 3 times per mowing season should do just fine. But, say your yard likes to keep things exciting with a generous scattering of rocks, sticks, and whatnot, you might need to roll up your sleeves and do it more often. Always remember, a sharp mower blade makes for a happy, handsome lawn.

Safety First: Changing Mower Blades

Changing mower blades safely is a task that requires focus. So put down that iced tea, and let’s get into it.

  1. Disconnect the Spark Plug: This is the first thing you want to do to prevent accidental startups.
  2. Tilt the Mower: Ensure the carburetor and air filter face up to avoid any mess.
  3. Remove the Blade: You’ll need a wrench to loosen the bolt. Remember, it might be pretty tight!
  4. Install Your New Blade: Make sure it’s facing the right way – the sharp edges should be pointing up towards the mower deck.

Ready for the good news? We’ve got a heap of quality mower blades waiting for you at Glen’s Surplus. We’re always here to assist with your 

The Trifecta of Perfect Lawn Care: Quality Blades, Regular Maintenance, and DIY Spirit 

Quality mower blades are the key to maintaining an enviable lawn. Add in regular maintenance and safe changing practices, and you’ve got yourself the trifecta of a well-kept yard.

But, even the most shining, top-of-the-line mower blades aren’t magical fairy-tale tools that take care of themselves. You’ve got to put in your share of elbow grease, too. Regular maintenance – keeping those blades sharp, ensuring they’re in tip-top condition, and changing them out when they’ve given their all – that’s the second key to your lawn’s happily-ever-after. The trifecta of a yard that’d make anyone proud? Quality blades, regular blade care, and safe changing practices. Stick to that winning combo, and your lawn’s sure to be a winner, too.

And remember this – the grass may seem greener on the other side. But with your trusty mower (kitted out with Glen’s Surplus quality blades, of course) and that go-getter spirit of yours, the true emerald gem of the neighborhood will be right outside your door. Your neighbors will be peering over that fence, green with envy over your verdant masterpiece. So here’s to you, the everyday handyman and handywoman, making the world a greener place, one lawn at a time!


What types of mower blades can I find at Glen’s Surplus?

At Glen’s Surplus, we’re all about making your DIY projects a cinch. So, when it comes to mower blades, we stock up on both lifting and mulching blades. We want to cater to whatever mower your yard demands, whether it’s clean, even cut from a lifting blade, or the eco-friendly grass recycling that comes with mulching blades. No need to stress – Glen’s Surplus has you covered!

How do I choose the right mower blade for my lawn and mower?

Picking the right blade for your lawnmower doesn’t have to be rocket science. Start by checking your mower’s manual; it’ll usually have recommendations on which blade to use. From there, think about your lawn needs. Want a clean, even trim? Lifting blades will be right up your alley. Keen on turning cut grass into natural fertilizer? Mulching blades are your go-to choice. If you’re still unsure, don’t worry – just give us a holler at Glen’s Surplus, and we’ll be happy to lend a helping hand in finding the perfect fit for your mower.

How can I maintain my Glen’s Surplus mower blades to keep them in tip-top shape?

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your trusty mower blades stay sharp and efficient. To keep those Glen’s Surplus mower blades slicing and dicing like a champ:
1. Sharpen them 2-3 times per mowing season (or more often if you deal with rocks or sticks).
2. Inspect them for damage or excessive wear, and replace them when needed.
3. Clean off any grass buildup or dirt after each use.

Follow these simple steps, and your Glen’s Surplus mower blades will be as reliable as your favorite trusty hammer. Happy mowing!