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Experience Top Quality Shopping at Glen’s Surplus – Your Premier Military Surplus Store in Ohio

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Ohio’s Hidden Gem – Glen’s Surplus

Hey friend, have you ever given a thought to military surplus goods? I know you’re wondering, “What in the world are these?” Well, they’re goods generally sold or auctioned when no longer needed by the military. From hard-wearing clothing to sturdy boots and unique collectibles, there’s quite a bit to catch your fancy.

But where to find these treasures in Ohio, you ask? Let me introduce you to Glen’s Surplus, a true gem of a place. This family-owned business has been around since the ’80s, helping folks like you and me find quality gear built to last.

What Makes Glen’s Surplus Stand Out

Hey there! I’ve done my rounds of military surplus stores in Ohio, and I tell you, Glen’s Surplus is the real deal. It’s like that cherry-on-top kind of deal. Now, I don’t say this lightly, but lemme share with you what sets Glen’s Surplus apart:

hats, flannels, vests and more clothing available at glens surplus
  • Range of Items: It’s like a treasure trove in there – camping gear, hardware, durable clothing – you name it, they’ve got it. If it’s worthy of the trust of the military, it’s all there, right at your fingertips.
  • Quality First: Glen’s Surplus isn’t in the business of selling any ol’ shoddy stuff, no siree. They’re all about that top-notch quality that can handle life’s roughness. Stuff that’s meant to last, that’s built tough, just like us.
  • Comfy Military-Grade Boots: Get this, those military boots they’ve got? Oh boy, those sturdy, weather-resistant beasts are heaven for your feet. They are for long, adventurous treks or your next backyard project. It’s all about comfort and durability, my friend.

So, when thinking about military surplus in Ohio, remember good ol’ Glen. This isn’t just another surplus store – it’s a place where you quickly stop being a customer and start feeling more like part of the family. 

Why Choose a Store-Based in Ohio

Let me tell you why going local with Glen’s Surplus is a brilliant choice. It’s more than just keeping your hard-earned dollars close to home. Here’s the lowdown on the perks of shopping local, like from our very own Ohio gem – Glen’s Surplus:

thin blue line, USA, rebel, ohio, biker, police, military, army, air force, marines, and patriotic flags, pennants, and patches available at glens surplus
  • Supporting Your Neighborhood: By shopping local, you’re helping our fellow Ohioans thrive, and that’s always a good thing. You’ll nurture your neighborhood and shine that community spirit we all love.
  • Boosting the Local Economy: Those giant online retailers? They won’t blink an eye no matter where you spend your money. But by choosing Glen’s Surplus, you’re directly investing in Ohio’s growth, and that feels downright good, doesn’t it?
  • Fast & Efficient Shipping: Being an Ohio-based store has advantages, like doorstep delivery faster than a grasshopper on a skateboard. No more waiting on long shipping times from out-of-state, saving you time.
  • Lower Shipping Costs: And, of course, let’s not forget about those sweet, sweet savings. With Glen’s Surplus in our backyard, you’ll pocket some extra dollars by paying lower shipping fees.

So the next time you’re browsing for some quality military surplus items, remember, shopping local with Glen’s Surplus ain’t just a smart move; it’s a downright friendly one, too. Happy shopping, neighbor!

Customer Experience at Glen’s Surplus

Its customer service sets Glen’s Surplus apart from other military surplus stores in Ohio. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the barrage of glowing testimonials from folks just like us.

“I was at Glen’s Surplus on December 15th to check out the military section. I was able to buy a couple of patches for my Air Force collection. I also bought some P-38s to give to guys at Christmas time. This is a great place to browse and check out the whole store. Be prepared to spend a lot of time there!” – Chuck.

country home decor items like wallpaper and borders available at glens surplus

“This is a one-of-a-kind surplus store that has a little of everything! You can get mower/tractor parts, military surplus, wallpaper, rugs, niknaks, tools, etc. You never know what gems are hidden on the shelves. Very helpful and friendly staff with great prices. Worth a Saturday morning drive to check out sometime.” – Robby.

“An amazing shopping experience. They seriously have a little bit of everything from military surplus, everyday hardware & a primitive country home decor selection. The building is huge; prepare to spend time browsing.” – Stacy. 

With a no-nonsense approach to helping you find exactly what you need, you’re in good hands at Glen’s Surplus.

How to Shop at Glen’s Surplus

THE Ohio State University Buckeyes flags available at glens surplus

It’s like a walk in the park on a sunny Ohio day. Let’s say you’re looking for new camping gear or a pair of those military-grade boots I was gushing about. You head to Glen’s Surplus online shop and scroll through the categories. Soon enough, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy. Once you do, the exciting part is tossing it into your virtual cart. It’s like a basketball game; only the hoop is wide enough, and you consistently score.

Now comes the part where Glen’s Surplus shines — checking out. After filling your cart with all your DIY needs, it’s time to head over to the checkout, and I promise you, it’s as easy as pie—a couple of clicks, and you’re all set. Next thing you know, your ordered items are being packaged with care and soon to be on your doorstep. It’s the perfect marriage of your local store’s charm and online shopping’s convenience. Just sit back, relax, and wait for the good stuff to be delivered. See? Breezy.


So there you have it, friend: premium quality military surplus items, unmatched customer service, and the works! You’ll find it all at Glen’s Surplus – truly one of the best military surplus stores in Ohio.

Why don’t you give Glen’s Surplus online store a peek? Sure, chatting over the backyard fence is nice, but you’ll want to see these goods for yourself.

Remember, when shopping at Glen’s Surplus, you choose quality, support locals, and get the best of the best in military surplus goods. Now, isn’t that a winning move?