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about Glen's Surplus

In 1975, Glen Arms embarked on a journey, starting his business by selling E-clips. What began as a modest endeavor evolved into something extraordinary. In 1978, Glen expanded into the world of lawn and garden parts, opening the doors of his first store in a small building in Shiloh, Ohio. The success of that venture led to the birth of Glen’s Surplus, which moved to Shelby, Ohio, in 1988, setting the stage for continuous growth. Over the years, the store has transformed into a multi-departmental haven, currently housing 11 eclectic sections.

Some of Our Departments:

glens surplus building store front
Located in a historic factory dating back to the 1800s, our store spans over 100,000 square feet, with over 30,000 square feet dedicated to a labyrinthian retail space. We have three floors of warehouse space and two additional warehouses, with every nook and cranny filled with exciting and unique finds.

A Unique Shopping Experience:

Glen’s Surplus has become a destination for tourists, offering an unparalleled shopping experience. Whether you’re seeking lawnmower repair parts, automotive supplies, camping equipment, or military surplus, we have it all. Aisles filled with lawnmower blades, automotive essentials, and an extensive military surplus collection make Glen’s Surplus a one-stop emporium.

Our military and law enforcement section boasts a vast array of new and used equipment, from field uniforms and flags to parachutes and camouflage gear. We even buy back personal uniforms and military gear from returning soldiers.

Beyond military surplus, we trade in a variety of surplus items, and customers have dubbed us “The Shelby Mall.” We take pride in our wide variety of items, including the largest assortment of wallpaper within a 150-mile radius.

Explore History in Every Corner:

Our location is a century-old former manufacturing plant with a rich history. This space has seen everything from manufacturing foot lockers and P-38s to serving as a hinge and spring factory. Currently, it houses Glen’s Surplus, where history meets modern shopping.

If you’re ready for a shopping adventure like no other, visit Glen’s Surplus just 11 miles northwest of Mansfield in Shelby, Ohio. We invite you to explore our extensive selection, where surprises await around every corner.

Glen Arms started his business selling E-clips in 1975. In 1978, selling lawn and garden parts, Glen opened the doors of his first store in a small building in Shiloh Ohio. Due to the success of that store, Glen’s Surplus moved to Shelby Ohio in 1988, and has added more to his store at every chance. Currently, Glen’s Surplus is home to 11 departments! 

  • Lawn and Garden (Mower blades, belts, and engines)
  • Tools
  • Hardware
  • Rope
  • Tires
  • Automotive
  • Military-Camping
  • Housewares and Wallpaper
  • Gloves Nogahyde and Foam
  • Trim
  • Anti-Fatigue Matting

We are located in a historic factory, originally built in the 1800’s. Over the years it has manufactured Foot Lockers, P-38’s, M16 clips for the Vietnam War, and also served as a hinge and spring factory,. We were even home to the Shelby Light bulb Factory (the “forever bulb”). Currently, our store is a labrynth encompassing over 25,000 sq feet of retail space, with the building spanning over 100,000 square feet. We have 3 floors of warehouse space in this building, as well as 2 other warehouses!. If you truly want a shopping experience like no other, come and explore the nooks and crannies!